Do you have such pile of broken and unusable wood pallets which you should repair or replace? Are such products getting damaged on the shipment or the storage due to the wood pallets? Do you have that specific sanitation requirements which your wood pallets are not just right for the products? If you have answered yes to such questions, the plastic pallet for exports are an excellent option for you. They are also available in a lot of footprints and types like nestable, fire retardant, stackable, rackable and export pallets to name a few. They are great for warehousing, production as well as distribution applications. The companies go for plastic pallets due to the reason that they recognize economic, ergonomic and the environmental benefits that they provide.


There is such enhanced efficiency. There will be less hang-ups on pallet jacks that are caused by the wood splinters and the nails. They work well in the closed loop system because they can make several trips before they have to be recycled. Various versions are compatible with those automated handling systems and they also reduce such chance of equipment jams due to the substandard pallets. This can also definitely save the warehouse space since they are stackable and they may be stacked higher as compared to the wood pallets. Some plastic pallet versions are going to nest and offer up to 4 to 1 nesting ratio over the wood pallets and such would save more valuable space for the warehouse.


The plastic pallet catalogue is also very fantastic in reducing the sorting costs because of the damaged pellets. Such could help in reducing the time spent due to sweeping the wood chips and those loose nails.


What is great about the export plastic pallets is that they are offering reduction in the product damage. There is a consistent support, that smooth molded design as well as durability of the plastic pallets are providing a more stable environment to ship and store the product on which results in less product damage. They won't dent, chip, splinter, warp, rust or rot over time, all the things may affect the wood pallet's integrity and compromise the safety of the product if they fail. There are no nails or missing boards to deal with that can cause product damage.



Plastic pallets for exports are surely inexpensive. Plastic pallets are approved for the use of the foreign countries that prohibit such wood pallets because of such insect problems. They are cheap alternatives for the fumigated wood pallets which are expensive, time-consuming and they would also get rid of such expensive delays at the customs because of such possible rejection of the wood pallets. Such means that the plastic pallets are affordable and great to use. Be sure to visit this website at and learn more about pallets.