In this modern time, there are a number of transportation companies that are taking advantage of different materials in order to ship goods. In the US for instance, majority of the goods are being transported via trucks by using massive interstate system that every county has. These said goods are transported normally on pallets because this helps in making the loading as well as unloading procedures easy and simple.


On the other hand, transportation companies of today are now using pallets that are made from other materials. While it's pretty common to find wooden pallets being used by many, the plastic pallets are getting more and more popular gradually. The primary reason for this is the fact that to be able to make wooden pallets, wood is necessary in its production. And what's unfortunate here is that, majority of the lumber companies aren't using sustainable methods when cutting trees down and because of that, this has lead to massive deforestation that is known to have a significant impact on our environment.


In addition to that, the demand for timber is a lot higher compared to the rate at which it could be replenished. Hence, the cost of wood is now on the rise. All of these factors have had an immense effect on the transportation industry which made them to move towards using plastic pallets. For more facts about pallets, visit this website at


Well, this is not actually a bad move after all as there are several benefits to making use of export pallets made out of plastic. For instance, these pallets don't retain the good's odor that has been transported, something that happens most of the time when using wooden pallets. Thus, the plastic pallets are very ideal for transporting aromatic items and food items as well. In addition to that, these pallets are a lot easier to maintain because they can be cleaned even without having to worry about them rotting. As a matter of fact, the life expectancy for these pallets are longer compared to their counterparts. And in the event that these pallets break, they can be easily recycled.



Aside from that, the company pallets that are made from plastics can also be fitted with radio frequency ID chips or simply RFID, which can make tracking of deliveries a lot easier. All companies need to do is just scan the chips. Not only that, plastic pallets are so presentable and for that, a business can transfer the pallets to the display floor which eliminates the need for maintaining an inventory.